Residential Housing

The housing we provide through Companion Housing Programs represents more than just shelter. They are real homes in every sense of the word.

Companion Housing Programs, Inc., currently owns and operates fourteen houses in the Hennepin County area that will accommodate from three to four consumers per home. Our homes are conveniently located within walking distance of grocery stores, beauty salons, video stores and other shopping - affording consumers a level of independence and multiple opportunities for community involvement.

All homes have a large kitchen, a phone room for consumer use, a living area and a pleasant recreation area/game room. Each resident has her or her own separate bedroom. Members of our supervisory staff are all certified in CPR, first-aid, medication administration and alternative intervention techniques.

Our houses are well maintained and typical in style befitting the residential neighborhoods in which they are located. Green lawns, tree-lined streets and attractive interiors provide a warm and welcoming atmosphere. These home-like settings more than provide for the comfort of the consumers who reside there, while day-to-day activities are coordinated to implement their independent living skills.