In-Home Services

In addition to our live-in residential housing program, Companion Housing Programs, Inc. (C.H.P.I.) also offers in-home waivered services.

The primary focus of our in-home program is to provide consumers with supervised outings in the community, emphasizing independent living skills. These outings are designed to fulfill specific goals which have been set for the individual based on his or her ISP.

Other areas of service include home respite, support coordination, mediation for parents and schools and transportation to appointments.

Appropriate candidates for in-home waivered services are determined at the discretion of the county social worker and the Companion Housing administrative team. Referrals are submitted by social workers and the referrals are reviewed by C.H.P.I. administrators for final determination.

All members of our in-home staff are certified in CPR, first-aid, medication administration and alternative intervention techniques.

If you or someone you know would benefit by participating in the Companion Housing In-Home Waivered Services Program, we look forward to hearing from you.