Amazon...Full service Internet retailer.

Attainment Company... We have worked in developing products for Special Education for more than 20 years aimed at people with developmental and other disabilities.

Barnes & Noble...Is a leading Internet-based retailer of books, music, DVD/video, and online courses.

Bethesda Lutheran Homes and Services... Offers Christ-centered support services to people with developmental disabilities and provides resources for their families, friends, congregations and other service providers.

Beyond Barriers... Your resource for barrier-free products to improve the daily living conditions for persons with disabilities and for seniors.

Blockhouse...Develops and provide attractive,comfortable, versatile and easy to maintain high-use furnishings.

Columbia House...The largest direct marketer of music, DVDs and videos.

Cooking Made Easy...The Cookbook That Helps People Cook Independently!

IWON...Internet portal with current news and events and Google search.

LifePages...Developed to help you find information about recreation and leisure activities, services, advocacy, and other useful things about life in Minnesota. Life Pages offers information for Minnesotans of all ages and abilities who want to enrich their leisure lifestyle as well as their connections to the greater community.

Riverside Publishing...Is dedicated to providing society with the finest professional testing products and services available.